About Us

Our Story:

The Grand Service Station, the (GSS), has been the most popular station for all express-auto-services in Dubai since 1976. Mr. Abdulla Buhaleeba, the owner of the company, was inspired by the auto-service stations operating in UK & the U.S, and for that reason he decided to take the lead in the UAE. The uniquely developed GSS facility designed by Mr. Buhaleeba was a success as there was nothing comparable in the market. For the first time in Dubai, customers were able to experience different lines of hand car wash which caters to each individual service style through varying manpower skills who are selected according to the service requirement. Different service charges were designed to respond to wide- ranging customer needs allowing them to achieve the best service package for their individual budgets. As customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities GSS continues to provide its customers with facilities that surpass those offered by other competitors inside or outside the region. Regardless of the level of service or budget our highly trained and qualified team ensure excellent service for each vehicle using special techniques as well as vigilant supervisors who directs the team to achieve the service objectives (quality, delivery, safety and time frame). Moreover, our team of expertise are also well known for providing a vast variety of services such as tyre repair, smart repair, car foil, mechanical & electrical repair, and above all the grand lube where customers receive the best car oil change in town in addition to that a selection of car accessories. Furthermore, customer comfort is essential for us hence we offer a luxurious male/female lounge, dine-in/drive through restaurants & coffee shops, and a notable mosque. Over the years, the GSS has inherited the trust of its customers as the best Auto-Service Station in the UAE, which offers solutions and services for a wide range of products, keeping everyone of any budget connected and welcomed.


Our Logo:

In 2017, the GSS launched an ambitious rebranding plan, to parallel the substantial restructure of the GSS responding to the market echo. The baseline of the new structure has been drawn and implemented successfully which allowed for other positive changes. The old GSS Logo depicted the spread wings of an Arabic falcon which relays the era when the GSS was operating among few competitors and essentially dominated market. Currently, with many governmental and semi-governmental competitors operating multiple stations across the region, we sought to create a logo that effectively intrigues customers and displays the trendy and distinguished details of our services and facilities. Since customers recall our services by their mark or logo, the GSS realized that the logo should be more realistic but impressive, more detailed but memorable, fashioned but original, ambitious but connected with the community. Hence, a new logo was designed to make us stand out from the crowd. The overall shape is a Shield which best embodies the message of safety as it is our main priority. We believe that safety should be respected and honored in every part of the service process, on all levels ranging from workers and their managers. Subsequently, the connection with our original Logo is represented in the shape of the Falcon’s Head made by a towel-like base. Finally, the black camel appearing inside the Head of Falcon signifies the connection of GSS with local community and history.


Our Staff:

The GSS has continuously made efforts to hire hand-picked staff for managing its various branches. We have availed professional and technical in-house training, in order to ensure the exceptional quality of our staff. Most of the current market practices are sincerely established by the GSS team. Our trainers, managers and workers have set the path and competitors have followed. We use the best approved materials and tools not only in relation with our services, but also with respect to our staff health and safety. We are certain that hard work and diligence is what defines us apart to any auto-service Company in the UAE.



We believe we are here for a purpose much greater than just servicing your car. Our vision is to be the number one leader not only in the UAE, but set the standards as the best car service provider in the Middle East.



In GSS we are devoted in providing the highest quality of services available while exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our goal is to maintain a prosperous and enjoyable experience for our customers while have a long lasting association with our brand.



Excellence:We are proud to say that we always maintain the highest level of service, noted with accreditations and certifications from our partners and endorsed by our loyal customers.

Consistency: We understand the challenges to maintain a consistent quality level especially nowadays in such a dynamic environment. Hence, we developed an operation excellence model where every task is set by a specialized person to ensure the best service for our customers at all times.

Integrity: We hold ourselves accountable for every word or promise we share with our clients and partners. Therefore, we strive to act with decency and openness in everything we conduct.

Innovation: We devote our time and effort to be innovative, in order to do so we use all our resources to research the market needs and analyze what is best for our customers.

Responsibility:In GSS we take full responsibility to act with integrity towards our staff, by providing them with a clean, and safe work place. On the other hand, when it comes to our customers we aim to provide them with the finest materials, and services present in the market. In addition to that, we focus on sustainable solutions for our community since it is our top priority to make sure everything is up to standards and environmentally friendly.